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Superman is Dead: Sex Pistols Exhibition

Sid Vicious, iconic anti-hero of the Sex Pistols is shown off in a new exhibition SID: Superman Is Dead by legendary photographer Dennis Morris

22 June - 15 July 2022

Superman is Dead: Sex Pistols Exhibition
Superman is Dead: Sex Pistols Exhibition


Superman is Dead: Sex Pistols Exhibition
53a Neal Street, Seven Dials, WC2H 9PJ

For a limited time only, you can see Sid Vicious like you’ve never seen him before in legendary photographer Dennis Morris’ exhibition SID: Superman Is Dead. 

The Sex Pistols granted Dennis Morris unrestricted access to the strange and chaotic lives of the band members, trailing the band for a year and taking hundreds of classic shots.

SID: Superman Is Dead will offer a first-person photographic narrative and will give visitors a sense of the intense personality behind the iconic name: Sid Vicious. The exhibition will centre around a piece entitled, ‘Destroy’ – a recreation of a hotel room trashed by Sid Vicious during the infamous Sex Pistols on Tour Secretly tour of 1977.

This is not something you want to miss!

Event Details:

22nd of June – 15th of July



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