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International Women's Day 2017: Interview with
Laura Lee


To coincide with our International Women's Day 2017 celebrations this week, we spoke to Laura Lee, London-based jewellery designer and owner of the eponymous boutique on Monmouth Street. In this exclusive interview, she talks about her success in business, as well as the importance of International Women's Day for her. 

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Who has inspired you to get you to where you are in your career?

My Aunty Stella was a big inspiration – she was always busy buying and selling her antiques and bits of bric-a-brac collection – and I loved helping her out with all that. I like the exchange in business and learnt that from her.

What is the key to success in business?

Big question! And I am sure everyone would have a different take on this – from my point of view, I think ultimately it is important to love what you are doing because that shows in your products and the atmosphere and experience people have of your brand. Spread the love! You need great people around you as well in order to realise your ambitions - whatever they might be.

How has the influence of social media changed the way you work?

I am not sure it has changed the way I work but it has become an important tool for us to communicate with our customers and friends as it brings them in closer – and it moves so quickly it keeps you on your toes!

Do you believe London is a world leader when it comes to breaking new concepts and if so, why?

I certainly think London, and the UK in general, produces some of the greatest creatives globally and I think it comes from fantastic educational institutions and the way we are quite free minded in this country – tolerant and open…and this is particularly apparent in London. A great city like London will always be a hotbed of new ideas and movements for change – this is why it is so exciting to live and work here.

Lastly, why is International Women’s Day important to you?

I am a feminist and believe in equal rights for all. Simple as that – I have lived through great changes in attitudes in my lifetime and thankfully women here in the UK have many more opportunities to be independent and to live fulfilling lives – but globally we are a lucky minority and this needs to change. All women everywhere need these chances to have a better life.

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Questions by Amira Hashish, Digital Features Editor of the Evening Standard
Photos courtesy of Laura Lee Jewellery

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