Sunday 12 July 2020

Emin & Paul 


Having already taken London’s fashion scene by storm Emin & Paul have now expanded to Seven Dials with their timeless classics at affordable prices.

Everybody talks about 'timeless fashion': clothes that transcend mere trends by dint of being wardrobe classics. These items have always been the Holy Grail, but never more so than now, in an era when we are becoming increasingly concerned about our consumption, its effects on our environment and the sort of future we are leaving behind. More than ever, the idea of buying things just for the sake of them feels inherently wrong. Trends are great for sparking ideas to replenish a tired wardrobe, but rushing out to fill said wardrobe with puff sleeves/burnt orange/windowpane checks just because the catwalk says they’re cool feels like an indulgence from another time.



Into this increased demand for classic pieces slips Emin & Paul. The Korean husband and wife duo established their eponymous brand ten years ago, after studying fashion in London and Paris. After enjoying success and gaining a loyal clientele with their standalone stores, they are delighted to open a brand-new store in the heart of Seven Dials, at 33 Monmouth Street.

As befits a duo who define themselves as ‘artists who keep sending messages through our garments’,visitors to the new Emin & Paul store can expect a thoughtful, elegant and timeless collection of contemporary clothing that eschews faddish trends in favour of longevity. Yes, Emin & Paul do a killer jumpsuit, but it isn’t a bells-and-whistles one: it’s comfortable, utilitarian, and in chic, under-the-radar charcoal grey linen.

For autumn/winter 2019, as with every collection,the Emin & Paul aesthetic is pared-back and minimal, with a focus on exquisite fabrics. When prints do appear, such as on a leopard print T-shirt dress, the design of the garment is kept as simple as possible. Nor are the duo averse to colour; while neutrals such as grey, beige, navy and cream predominate, there are also colour pops in the form of a lilac jumpsuit, a tomato red dress and an emerald green pair of loose-cut trousers. Every garment is designed with comfort and freedom of movement in mind; think elasticated waists rather than constricting zips and waistbands.

Most gratifyingly of all at a time when designer clothes routinely cost four figure sums, is the fact that Emin & Paul is so well-priced. Given the quality of the design and fabrics, these mid-market prices are as much a breath of fresh air as the clothes themselves. These are clothes for lovers of the artisan, made lovingly by artists, and yet another treat for thesenses to be found in Seven Dials.

Emin & Paul
33 Monmouth Street



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