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Shopping with Purpose in Seven Dials with Robyn Poppy

Robyn Poppy gets people thinking about how they can take small steps to improve our planet simply by shopping with brands who make a difference.

Shopping with Purpose in Seven Dials with Robyn Poppy
Shopping with Purpose in Seven Dials with Robyn Poppy

Robyn Poppy gets people thinking about how they can take small steps to improve our planet simply by shopping with brands who make a difference.

Over the past year I have started taking steps to shop with purpose and strive for a more sustainable lifestyle – so I was thrilled to find that Seven Dials is home to a community of sustainably conscious brands, presenting a whole new world of retail in the heart of London.

I recently visited this beautiful West End village and took the opportunity to check out the ever-growing community of ethically aware brands that this unique neighbourhood has started attracting.

I found most of my time spent on Monmouth Street visiting So Just Shop, Fashercise, Miller Harris and Nudie Jeans, but there are so many brilliant brands that make up this conscious community that I ran out of time to visit them all. I’ll be back soon and next time I plan on visiting Experimental Perfume Club, Aesop, Goldsmith Vintage and We are COW, who specialise in ethical vintage & handmade clothing, due to open in June.

I also had the pleasure of visiting Seven Dials to check out the new Art of Banksy exhibition. The exhibition is showcasing over 100 privately owned Banksy pieces, which is currently the biggest exhibition of his work across Europe! It was a great experience and so much fun to learn more about Banksy’s work. Once you’ve checked out the exhibition, you must try the Banksy-inspired cocktail, ‘The Mist’ at Monmouth Kitchen. It was really a work of art in itself!

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So Just Shop, Monmouth Street

First up I went to So Just Shop Accessories who are an amazing sustainable lifestyle brand with a curation of ethically sourced accessories and homeware, handcrafted by female artisans from some of the most vulnerable communities in the world. I picked up the most gorgeous gold ring and had a lovely chat with the CEO of the company about the brand which I found really insightful and inspiring. I would 100% recommend swinging by if you visit the area!

Nudie Jeans, Monmouth Street

After this I stopped by Nudie Jeans, who are best known for their ‘free repairs for life scheme’, which encourages their customers to reduce their consumption and treasure the quality denim pieces they have! There were so many amazing items in store and the quality was 10/10. A great brand to have on your radar.

Fashercise, Monmouth Street

I also went into Fashercise, a lovely boutique stocking sustainability focused fitness ranges from brands like Stella McCartney and Veja. Definitely be sure to head down to check them out as the Veja running trainers are only stocked in limited places and Fashercise has a great range of these! The two owners were also in the store and we had a great chat about the brand. They set up just before COVID hit so are still quite new to the area! As someone who faces quite a lot of gym/fitness anxiety the store had a lovely relaxed atmosphere and I felt at ease to ask any questions I had. A great store experience.

Miller Harris, Monmouth Street

Finally, I visited Miller Harris to check out their sustainable bath and body collection. The packaging on the bottles is made from 50% recycled plastic and the soap bars come in paper packaging which is 100% recyclable. There were so many great scents within the range and the store staff were so knowledgeable of the brand and great at helping me pick out a scent that I loved. This range would be perfect for a self-care pamper treat to yourself or as a gift for a loved one!

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Robyn Poppy

Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger


Originally from Leicester, Robyn Poppy moved to London two years ago and began creating conscious-fashion content with a view of raising awareness around the benefits of sustainable buying. Robyn works full-time within the fashion industry and showcases an array of interests across her Instagram channel. Just be ready to end up buying a pair of jeans as a result!

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