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Seven Dials Unlocked: A Spot Of Culture With Omari Douglas
Seven Dials Unlocked: A Spot Of Culture With Omari Douglas

Critically acclaimed stage and screen actor, Omari Douglas unlocks the best of culture in Seven Dials this Summer!

Seven Dials Unlocked: A Spot Of Culture With Omari Douglas

All those involved in the theatre space will be all too aware of Seven Dials and everything that the place means to our craft. The area is steeped in the history of the sector and has been home to countless productions, plays, and future stars. So, the idea of working with Seven Dials to shine a light on how special this place is was an opportunity I simply couldn’t turn down.

Especially as I’m currently starring in the revival of Nick Payne’s Constellations!

In our little bubble, it often feels like everyone knows what and where Seven Dials is, everything it represents, how much talent and art it has helped to cultivate, but I’ve come to see that a lot of you haven’t quite had the pleasure just yet.

Don’t worry though, I’ve got you.

With its cobbled streets, village-esque feel, and the gorgeous Neal’s Yard, it is easy to see why Seven Dials is such a favourite for tourists and those simply looking to brighten up their social feeds. However, the area is home to so much rich history and culture, it would be a real shame to miss out on everything you can experience during your visit. From the historic blue plaques lining the streets to the art galleries, theatre, and brands pouring their heart and soul into their products, it really is one of the most special places in the capital.

So, get comfortable and make sure you check out my guide on all the cultural hotspots in the area. Just be warned, it might need a couple of visits to see everything!

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Donmar Warehouse, Earlham Street

The Donmar Warehouse really is nothing to take lightly! Besides the fact they’ve won over 100 awards in their short 27 years, the venue is home to 251 seats and is  led by Artistic Director Michael Longhurst and Executive Director Henny Finch.

They bring together a variety of productions at their intimate warehouse space and a number of world-famous stars have earned their stripes here.

They’re currently closed for refurbishing but they’ll be back sooner than you can say ‘break a leg’! Find out more about the Donmar Restart Appeal here.

Art of Banksy Exhibition, Earlham Street

The Art of Banksy Exhibition is quite literally a golden opportunity to see rare, privately owned pieces from the elusive man himself.

I got the chance to pop inside and I can tell you that the exhibit was a real joy to visit – the sheer number of pieces on show genuinely threw me. It is an absolute must-see for any art lover or Banksy afficianado.

The Blue Plaques Of Seven Dials

Littered across all seven streets are the blue plaques of Seven Dials.

These cultural touchpoints represent the area’s rich history by highlighting the famous names, places, and faces in Seven Dials. From legendary punk rock club, The Roxy, to the likes of the Beatles’ manager Bryan Epstein and the creators behind the iconic Monty Python series, the area is packed to the brin with incredible history.

Seven Dials Market, Earlham Street

You will know Seven Dials Market for its incredible range of eateries, cocktails, and sweet treats, but did you know a little bit about the history of the building itself? The banana and cucumber aren’t solely there for the fun. The building was once a storage facility for the local Covent Garden Market.

Cucumber Alley? Well, that was a cucumber warehouse.

What’s with all the bananas?! The two-storey warehouse is now home to over 11 food traders and was historically used by banana traders.

And it’s doesn’t stop there – you probably know Pineapple Dance Studios nearby? You guessed it – a pineapple warehouse. ⁣



Seven Dials is home to a huge number of independent brands that pour their heart and soul into their craft.  I’ve curated some of the very best stores for you to take a look at below:

Bloch is the best in the biz when it comes to dancewear and dance shoes. Their incredible range has everything any dance-enthusiast could possibly need and I know this first-hand! I initially heard about them when I was thirteen or fourteen and started going to my dance lessons – they were my very first pair so they’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

Each Cubitts frame goes through 50 traditional crafting stages — including four separate polishings alone — and the resulting glasses are quite simply some of the best in the business.  They really are the modern spectacle maker!

Best known for their signature ear stacks, their jewellery pieces are created holistically and inspired by London’s art, architecture, and nature. Astrid & Miyu continue to evolve the jewellery experience with new features (including 3D printing!) and have rightfully built themselves up as one of the best independent jewellers in the city.

Who doesn’t love a bit of quality stationery? Well, if you don’t, that will likely change with one visit to Choosing Keeping store in Seven Dials. Each piece is painstakingly curated and handcrafted, so whatever you buy is not only unique, it’s also a top-quality item that will last.

Now, if you’re after one-of-a-kind jewellery brimming with character, then look no further than Tatty Devine. These guys are quite simply the top dogs when it comes to this! Alongside their classic, limited edition, and seasonal capsule collections, they love to collaborate with artists, designers, as well as charitable institutions and this really does make for a lot of fun sets.

Nudie Jeans is based on an idea that no denim should go to waste – their ethos is steeped in sustainable living and extending the life cycle of any pieces they create. Any customers that do purchase anything from them is entitled to free repairs for life. Yes, really!

Guest Writer

Omari Douglas

Screen & Stage Actor


Omari Douglas is a British actor with a variety of theatre credits to his name, including High Society, Wise Children at the Old Vic, and many more. Omari graduated from the Arts Educational Schools in London back in 2015 and recently appeared in the BBC’s Culture in Quarantine series, in which he did a reading of Willi Richards’ queer play Rush alongside Rupert Everett.

It’s a Sin is the actor’s first major on-screen role. In the series, he appears as the character of Roscoe Babatunde, a London party boy who is effectively disowned from his Nigerian family after coming out as gay.

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