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Chefs' Foodie Forecast

Seven Dials Chefs share their predictions for food trends and what they’re currently cooking.

Seven Dials Chef Takeover
Seven Dials Chef Takeover

Seven chefs give us exclusive information on what our tastebuds can expect this year.

Seven Dials is home to an array of outstanding restaurants, pioneered by a team of world-class chefs and restaurateurs. This month we managed to grab time with seven of them including Mark Wogan, Co-Founder of Homeslice and Blake Chrysanthou, Development Chef at WatchHouse to gain an insight into 2022’s culinary landscape.

We found out their predictions for this year’s biggest food trends, as well as what they enjoy cooking at the moment- scroll down to get some gastronomic inspiration, or pop down to their restaurants to try their food for yourself!

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Carl Clarke, Co-Founder of Chick ‘n’ Sours

Chick ‘n’ Sours Co-Founder Carl Clarke believes that in the near future, we will be seeing a lot more ‘Quick Service Restaurants’ that lean towards Gen Z in terms of price point. “Restaurants will start to focus on more than just food and instead, on creating an experience and a community for customers.”

When we asked Carl what he has been cooking recently he said “I recently returned from a month in Thailand and I am loving bringing lesser-known Thai dishes to life at home like Crab and Betel leaf curry and Boat noodles.” Who else thinks these sound amazing?

You can sample Carl’s innovative fried chicken concept, Chick ‘n’ Sours, at 1A Earlham Street where he creates unique and innovative fried chicken dishes.

Blake Chrysanthou, Development Chef at WatchHouse

Blake Chrysanthou, Development Chef at WatchHouse, predicts that there will be a big focus on nostalgic foods. “Those that bring us back to a special place whether that be a memory of a loved one’s cooking, or a favourite childhood dish are going to be a big focus.”

Although going out to eat is often about experiencing new foods, Chrysanthou states that “there is something special about a dish that succeeds in taking us back to a different time.”

Blake has loved experimenting with Kimchi recently and has even incorporated it into the monthly brunch special at WatchHouse, a “Kimchi hash with XO mayonnaise, avocado, triple-smoked bacon and a poached egg” – head down to WatchHouse on Upper St Martin’s Lane to try it!

Mark Wogan, Co-Owner of Homeslice

Like many others, Mark Wogan, Co-Owner of Homeslice has noticed the rise in plant-based eating, “It is not all meat, meat, meat like the old days, vegan options are no longer a compromise or an afterthought.” He went on to say “there will be a move towards lighter menuswith it becoming compulsory to label menus with nutritional information, we will, no doubt, see a lot of menu changes this year.”

You can try a Homeslice pizza at 13 Neal’s Yard.

Graham Hornigold, Co-Founder of Longboys

I’ve seen a huge rise in reduced fat and reduced sugar baked goods as well as, interestingly, vegetable-flavoured patisserie,” said Graham Hornigold, Co-Founder of doughnut brand Longboys. Funnily enough, he predicts that “long finger doughnuts and good quality coffee are going to take over” – if Longboys is anything to go by, we think he might be right!

Head to Seven Dials Market to try a Longboy for yourself.

Gianluca Petrone, Executive Chef at Rossopomodoro

Executive Chef Gianluca Petrone talked to us about the increase in plant-based eating and embracing the agenda to save the planet. He comments, “Eating more vegetables doesn’t have to be boring, we have plenty of Mediterranean recipes that embrace fresh, tasty and wholesome ingredients that taste authentic and are good for you. It is something that we should all be embracing a bit more and will continue to become even more important this year.”

When we asked Gianluca what he is enjoying cooking at the moment, he emphasised his love for eating seasonally, “I am pleased that the seasons are changing and there’s a new and delicious supply of fresh and interesting produce.” Why not head down to Rossopomodoro on Monmouth Street to check out their new menu for spring?

Joe Fox, Executive Head Chef at the Covent Garden Hotel

Joe Fox, Executive Head Chef at the Covent Garden Hotel thinks “there will be a big focus on nose-to-tail eating and respecting the entire animal and the life it has had”. Using independent food suppliers and celebrating the best of British produce too.” Interestingly, he has also noticed “fine pastries and choux buns are appearing on more and more menus at the moment” as well as “increasing popularity surrounding Filipino cuisine” – good thing we have resident Filipino cuisine experts Bong Bong’s tucked away in Seven Dials Market!

Joe currently enjoys working with in season produce, such as blood orange and rhubarb. His current dishes include; raw marinated scallops, blood orange and chili and rhubarb and custard tart with clotted cream ice cream. Head down to the Covent Garden Hotel on Monmouth Street to sample some of Joe’s amazing food.

Neil Armstrong, Executive Head Chef at Monmouth Kitchen

I predict that people will be creating afternoon teas, desserts and cakes in homage to the Platinum Jubilee, as well as there being a focus on luxury picnic and hamper experiences” notes Executive Head Chef, Neil Armstrong.

When asked what dish has been on his mind, Neil divulged “the cold weather and stormy conditions have called for indulgent pecorino and truffle tortellini with Parmesan crème – a richly flavoured treat that warms the soul.” delicious! Come down and try it for yourself at Monmouth Kitchen, 20 Mercer Street.

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